Target Carbon Management is a trading name of Target Carbon Management Limited.
Our Registered office can be found at: 20 Rowan Close, Canterbury, CT2 0JB,
VAT no. 2344 21929
Company no. 9933827

What are the Costs?

Following a free consultation, TCM will prepare an installation programme of works, explaining:

  • how the system will be installed
  • location of equipment
  • installation times
  • highlight any potential extra cost

Costs and installation times may vary, as they are subject to property size and installation requirements.

A complete Mist Suppression System can be installed in a couple of days and start at as little as £2000 (+VAT)

Is it Certified?

The system has been independently fire tested to:

  • BS8458 Residential Water mist Standard
  • BS9252 Sprinkler Standard
  • ISO9001
  • CE Mark. (Use the Sun Ltd is a fully accredited and licensed installer of the revolutionary Water Mist System)

Target :  Fire Suppression

Have a Home Advantage in a Fire

Mist Fire Suppression System

In partnership with our sister company Use the Sun Ltd, we proudly design and manage the installation of Mist Fire Suppression systems.

What is it?

  • TCM design and project manage the simple installation of a revolutionary new Water Mist Fire Suppression System, tested to British Standards.
  • In the event of a fire, a frangible bulb within ceiling mounted nozzles will burst, releasing a fine mist that smothers and controls a fire.
  • A mist suppression system buys you precious time to escape whilst minimising fire and water damage to your property and treasured possessions. You only have minutes to escape from a house fire, every second counts.Our Mist Fire Suppression System is as effective as a traditional fire sprinkler system, whilst using only a fraction of Authority regulations can be relaxed by having fire suppression systems, therefore greater open planned living and ambitious basement conversions can be achieved. Contact us to find out how. 

How does it work?

  • Installed by certified engineers, a compact pump is connected directly to the water mains.

  • With highly adaptable piping and push fit fittings, the discrete ceiling mounted misting nozzles are hidden within ceilings in the most effective locations. 

  • A specially designed frangible bulb, located in the ceiling, will burst at 57C. The sudden drop in water pressure activates the pump, forcing the water pressure up to 140 PSI and thrusting out a 2 meter suppressing mist in every direction.

  • The system runs purely from the mains water supply, so no large water storage tanks are required.

*In the UK there are over 58,000

house fires every year and around 500 home fire-related deaths